When Two Or More Come Into Agreement

This does not mean that Jesus does not hear our prayers when we pray alone or with two or three people, etc. He`s doing it. But this means that this special verse does not speak of the presence of Jesus in prayer, but of his presence in the ecclesial discipline. That is what I hear most often. Often, at a meeting, a church leader says that God is present with them because there are two or more. Verses 1-6 Christ said many of his sufferings, but only one of his glory; but the disciples attach themselves to it and neglect others. Many like to hear and talk about the privileges and glory that are willing to miss the thoughts of work and effort. Our Lord introduced them to a small child and solemnly assured them that they would not be able to come to his kingdom if they were not converted and made as young children. Children, when they are very young, do not want authority, do not see external distinctions, are free from wickedness, are educated and willingly dependent on their parents. It is true that they soon begin to show other predispositions, and other ideas are taught to them at an early age; but they are signs of childhood, and they make them true emblems of the spirit of the lower of true Christians. Certainly, we must be renewed daily in the spirit of our mind, in order to become simple and humble, as little children, and ready to be the smallest of all. Let`s study this every day and look at our own minds.

12, 13. How do you feel about that? If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them is wrong, it is another of those grave proverbs that our Lord has uttered more than once. See on the magnificent parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15:4-7 . Only the object there is to show what the good shepherd will do, even if only one of his sheep is lost to find it; Here, the object is supposed to show how reluctant he is to lose it when found. As a result, Matthew 18:19 (MSG) If two of you gather on something on earth and pray for it, my Father in Heaven goes into action. 15 And when your brother is transgressed against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone: If he hears you, you will have won your brother, and perhaps our Lord still had a reference to the end of the struggle: Who will be the greatest? After the rebuke – so sweet and captivating, but so dignified and so divine – under which they would no doubt be intelligent, perhaps everyone would say: it was not me who started it, it was not I who launched unworthy and irritating insinuations against my brothers. So be it, said our Lord; but as such things will often arise, I will guide you on how to proceed. First, there is no grudge against your insulting brother, and he does not burst against him before the disbelievers; but if he blamed and repaired it, you served him more than yourself. Then, if this fails, take two or three to see how only your complaint is, and how fraternally your mind in managing it.

Even if this fails, take it to the church or church, to which both belong. Finally, even if this fails, consider him no longer as a Christian brother, but as a “no” – as the deeds of the pagan Jews and Zanten. We need to be clear about that… God always hears us when we pray. Whether you are alone in the car, sitting on your knees next to your bed or joining your community in the church, God always hears us.

Updated: April 15, 2021 — 9:43 pm