Ad Hoc Committee To Protect The Good Friday Agreement

Some trade unionists have said Theresa May`s deal with the EU would be a violation of the deal. They also said they supported Pelosi`s statement that she would not support a free trade agreement that would jeopardize Ireland`s broader peace process. The Quartet called on Mr. Raab to “abandon all or any legally dubious and unfair effort not to frame the Northern Irish protocol of the withdrawal agreement.” In Washington, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab is trying to restore relations with pro-Irish Democrats, fearing that the UK`s attempt to leave the EU on its own terms could jeopardise the Good Friday peace deal. A group of Irish leaders has set up an ad hoc committee to protect the Good Friday Agreement. In a letter, Prime Minister Theresa May and Prime Minister Leo Varadkar expressed concerns about the Belfast and Good Friday (GFA) agreement in light of the ongoing Brexit negotiations. The commission is bipartisan and reflects the broad spectrum of Irish America. In its letter to Mrs May and Mr Varadkar, the committee states: “We are writing to you as co-guarantors of the Belfast and Good Friday agreement to encourage you to do everything in your power to protect the Good Friday Agreement, as the UK and the European Union continue their negotiations on the UK`s withdrawal from the European Union. It also insists that all trade agreements between the United States and the United Kingdom be subject to compliance with the obligations of the Good Friday Agreement. It also states that the House of Representatives “will insist that all new or amended trade agreements and other bilateral agreements between the U.S. government and the U.K. government include conditions that require compliance with the obligations under the Good Friday Agreement.” Ahead of his visit to Washington, D.C., Coveney said in a statement: “There is great interest in the United States for the impact that Brexit will have on the island of Ireland, De Den Norden and the South.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our friends from all over the political spectrum of the United States who worked for the Good Friday Agreement and defended the achievements of the peace process. The ad hoc Committee for the Protection of the Good Friday Agreement was established in 2019 and has 40 American experts dedicated to protecting the Good Friday Agreement and maintaining an open border on the island of Ireland. In their letter, the members of the committee congratulated Mr Smith on his appointment, but said they were concerned by Boris Johnson`s statement to Parliament that there could be no backstop, even temporary, as part of a Brexit deal.

Updated: April 8, 2021 — 12:21 am